We all share this one blue planet. I am committed to using my images to inspire conservation of our wild animals and wild spaces. In all my work I seek to establish a connection between the photo and the viewer that goes beyond an appreciation of the art, and to an appreciation of nature itself. I guarantee you, once you fall in love with an animal or special place, you'll want to protect it.

Based out of Seattle, Washington, my main emphasis is the conservation of the Salish Sea ecosystem - stretching from the South Puget Sound into Vancouver Island in Canada. The Salish Sea is home to many endangered species, particularly our beloved Southern Resident Killer Whales, and the Chinook Salmon they depend on as their primary food source. As a volunteer naturalist for Whale Scout, I seek to educate and promote the conservation of this whole ecosystem. I encourage you to find a local conservation organization to get involved with.

I was dismayed to hear that the EPA recently released their proposal to withdraw the Clean Water Act restrictions for the rare earth metal mine near Bristol Bay, paving the way for the mine's approval. If approved, the mine would destroy entire mountains, build one of the largest earthen dams in North America, and permanently pollute the Bristol Bay watershed. It's hard to believe that the area I visited three weeks ago in Alaska is more threatened than many other vulnerable landscapes around the world, but it's true. It's time for the world to see the beauty of this remarkable ecosystem, so that we can take steps to protect it forever. If you have five minutes please take the time to check out my photo essay on Maptia, and if you feel inclined, you may share the story with others.