About Tyler

Tyler is a graduate student at Seattle University, where he's working towards a Master's degree in Computer Science. When he's not writing code he's outside studying and photographing the natural world of the Pacific Northwest. He keeps a photography blog and a Facebook page highlighting some of his best and most favorite works.

Tyler is a member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association), Eastside Audubon Society, and SSAMN (Salish Sea Association of Marine Naturalists).

Puget Sound Bird Fest slides available in PDF format available here: Puget Sound Bird Fest Presentation 2017

My Philosophy

"Even with all our technological accomplishments and urban sophistication we consider ourselves blessed, healed in some manner, forgiven and for a moment transported into some other world, when we catch a passing glimpse of an animal in the wild" - Quote by Thomas Berry

I deeply believe in the power of the natural world to affect us and to change us – to spark moments of creativity and discovery and to provide us space for reflection and contemplation. Observing nature is a welcome break from the busy lives we all lead, whether it is for a ten minute walk in the park or a week long backpacking trek in the mountains. Through my photography I am only a witness to this miraculous display of life and colors that nature puts on year in and year out. In my photos I hope to share some of what I see with you. And hopefully you, too, will be inspired to go out and see for yourself the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.